The Cutest Life Update

So, last time you heard from me we started remodeling our home! It was completely gutted out and empty. We kept running into problem after problem.

However, in October 2019, my husband and I finally decided to stop trying to have a baby. We agreed that it would happen all in God’s timing. So just like that, we started talking travel plans. Thailand looked interesting. Good food, cheap hotel stays, and an elephant sanctuary. The next day, I notice I was having some unusual pain and was running… late… (the ladies know what i mean)

At this time, we were staying with my grandmother until we finished our house. I thought, “what are the odds… maybe I should go get a test.” I took them and went to swipe them into the trash, not wanting to cry over another negative. As soon as the first one hit the trash, I glanced down and saw that they were all positive.

As you can imagine, I just sat in disbelief. I was pregnant. Words that I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever be able to say out loud. I ran into my grandmothers room and just threw them on her bed. My husband was on night shift, so it’s safe to say that I couldn’t sleep that night. The next morning I was able to share the news with him. He cried, I cried. We immediatley started playing out our future. We had a baby girl named picked out from when we were 13, making plans.

We fought to find a baby boy name. Just like that, my pregnancy flew by. I was sick the first 25 weeks. By sick, I mean throwing up 3-5 times a day, only able to eat mashed potatoes, and losing 30 pounds type of sick. I finally woke up one morning and felt like I was GLOWING. That lasted a whole 4 weeks until I started the signature pregnant waddle.

Since we already had the name picked, God blessed us with a little girl. Miss Maci Mae. We were two days passed our due date. I went in to be induced and prayed that all would go well. We welcomed our little girl into the world on June 28, 2020 at 3:25 in the morning. She had a headful of hair (yes, I am heartburn) and instantly stole our hearts.

You want to talk about the fact that I was PREGNANT, telling myself I was never going to get pregnant? That is GOD. That is GOD’S TIMING in full effect.

Our home is almost done. It is 100% safe and livable for our little family. We are just working on the small details at this point. Maci is already the proud owner of atleast 25 bows and has us wrapped around her precious little finger.